Perbedaan PHP 7 dengan PHP 5

PHP merupakan skrip bahasa pemrograman yang bekerja pada sisi Server (server side scripting). Versi terakhir dari PHP adalah versi PHP 7 yang menjajikan kecepatan 2x lebih cepat dibanding pendahulunya yang popular yaitu PHP 5.


Performance: As per Zend Technologies, the performance improvement is huge!! Just upgrading to PHP 7 gives enormous performance upgrades. Hence, PHP 7 is often termed PHPNG (PHP – Next Gen) taking the performance of your code to a whole new level.
Return Type: Developers have been raising their eyebrows over not being able to declare a return type for their function. This has somewhat been taken care of in PHP 7 where you will be able to declare what type of value will be returned. Eg. :

public function area (float $r) : float
   return 3.14*$r*$r;